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Top tips when seeking an apartment to rent in Edmonton

If you want to move to a new area, the first and very important thing you need to do is to find a place to stay. While in this new place the layout of the land may be strange to you and you might not recognize where rental apartments are. You can easily know the complexes which are full and the ones which are not. To get the right Edmonton apartment for rent, follow the tips below.

Starting searching

It is very important to identify the area you want to stay in the town then you start looking. The location of your property plays a major role in determining if it will be of good value to you. You need to observe how close you are to your work place, stores, gyms and even restaurants. For security purposes it is good to investigate criminal activity in the area for you to be sure that you are going to live in a safe place.

Your budget will also determine where you live. In really sense one can not spend as big as 30 percent of the income on housing. Insurance and utilities are also very important to be included in your housing budget.


Booklets are found in many cities which contains the list of different complexes in a certain area. You may not be able to know who still has rental apartments since that the free circulars are not updated but it is a good place you can get stored records of what complexes are present in your new area. Before deciding to call leasing people it is good to look at the location of the area and the list of facilities.

Online Sites

There is updated rental information in many sites of the internet if you can have an access to it. You can find information and property amenities in the internet about the area just like in the booklet. You can be able to see floor plans, ground pictures and units when using the internet before going to tour the area. By using the site you can call the management and ask them about the accessibility. Residents have written reviews in a few website which will assist you to narrow down your searching.

Word of mouth

You can ask for rental apartments in an area although you are new to that particular area. You can be able to know which place you need to check out and the one to avoid by asking friends and coworkers around that area. Restaurant staff and store clerks will give you useful information. Ask the front desk when you are staying in a hotel whether they recognize places with availability.

Driving around

You may miss some details when asking questions or looking at websites. So it is very important to drive around the area and study it. While you are studying the area you might recognize rental apartments. If you decide to go and see any Edmonton apartment for rent it is good to stop and talk to the management.

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